Thank you everyone in everyplace we have met. we appreciate all, hope to see you again!

Never late to say thanks !!!

Although  it has been more than two weeks after the tour done, somehow each of us has to organize personal things, we still love to say thanks to you…..

Después de una semana de regreso, de entrar otra vez en la rutina que nos va carcomiendo y entender que sí estamos de regreso en la monotonía que por medio de la resistencia y la autonomía intentamos hacer mas llevadera… queríamos decirles nuevamente a todxs los ke ayudaron a montar los tokes, a cocinar las deliciosas comidas, a darnos posada en sus casas MUCHAS GRACIAS y hasta la próxima… En Berlin bienvenidos con los brazos abiertos
Existiendo y resistiendo!

After  weeks of being back, coming back in the fucking routines and realizing that yes, it’s finish. we are in the monotony of daily life, which only through resistance and autonomy is possible to get along with… we wanted to say thanks to all of you who set up the gig, driving us around, cooked the awesome food, let us stay in your house, all the bands who have been playing with, anybody who came to the gig, having conversation and sharing our thought, buying our stuff, THANXS A LOT and see you around… Welcome to Berlin anytime and don´t hesitate to get in touch with us.

PS : we´d like to say verily sorry to the mates in Mauriac and Nijmegen where we couldn´t be there. we are appreciating what you did !!!

Exist and Resist!
Amor y Anarkia,



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