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Racial profiling in park

Taking rest,  meeting, Picnic, relaxing, celebrate…who allowed and who is not?
Receives the referral space, who is criminalized and sold?…and who is not?
Have you ever get experience, notice or watch a racist control in Görlitzer Park or in Alexanderplatz, Hermannplatz, Train stations, on the train, in bahnhof zoo, any other parks or anywhere…

Is picnic in park suspicious?
While we have so many place to go”move”,  some people are constantly because of their appearance and their supposed origins in the view field of state “Regulatory Guarding” racist control and space refer belong to everyday practice of Police and and Regulatory office

They call it without prior suspicion control, contrary to the green area law…
we call it Racist Profiling!!!

not looking away, give your attention to regulatory office and police…interfere everyday racist!!!

What to do???

  • Ask!what is the allegation in it?how you recognize that…?
  • Call Service number
  • Contact the affected and establish further witnesses
  • write down what you see and hear
  • Submit service regulatory complaint and/or publish incident and documenting!

How it works…

  • write letter of complaint with the description of what happened and ask for  enlightenment(regulatory office/police president, district mayor, anti discrimination agency of senate, parties…)
  • Be careful with racism allegation ; can be legally interpreted as insulting. rather, “it made the impression that racist reasons …”
  • to close : We reserve our right to publish documentation purposes to these letters change.”
  • for further reading and documentating :

for PDF poster format you can download the link below (in germans)



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